That’s Yazoo the milk drink, not the 80’s British pop duo… I get a mildly obsessive craving for it after a long run .. chocolate of course 🙂

Hey… I’m Paul and welcome to my ‘relatively’ new blog. I say relatively – I set it up in 2015 and I put a few posts on here and there but it’s only now (since joining a running club) that I’ve decided I might have enough content to actually try to make this a more regular fixture.

It won’t set the world alight, I’m well aware of that, equally –  that’s not my plan.  This is a place for me to document my running (a journal if you like) –  races, training, social runs …. there might be a spot of cycling / cycle commuting thrown in and more than likely, the odd Labrador (because who doesn’t love a Lab 🙂 ). It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and something I can look back on. I enjoy writing it and if anybody other than me reads it (and enjoys it) then all the better.

I’m married and a father of two young kids .. I live in Middlesbrough in the North-East of England … just a stone’s throw from the coast and the North Yorkshire Moors so hopefully I can show you that Middlesbrough isn’t as bad as you hear 😉


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