Time for a catch-up


daybreak on Roseberry Topping , North Yorkshire


It’s been 4 months since my original posts. I decided to keep the original posts set to private … I had so much on from September through to Christmas that I just knew I’d struggle to keep up to date with a blog.

We’ve been busy moving house. The house we bought is nothing remarkable – your average 3 bed semi, driveway, garage (yes! I’ve finally got my own garage!) but it drastically needed updating. Rewire, new central heating, doors,windows, knocking down walls, opening up spaces….plastering, decorating… Usual stuff I guess. All very expensive and time consuming.

It took six months for the sale to go through. Luckily we were planning to rent the old house out so we were not in a chain. Stressful doesn’t quite cover it BUT we are now at the point where there’s only decorating left to do. We’ve managed to complete a few rooms but the rest is ongoing. We are in, it’s liveable. Life resumes.

Throughout all of this we had baby no.1 who is now 22 months and my wife was pregnant with baby no.2. He arrived 3 weeks ago. That was Christmas sorted for us!

If that wasn’t enough there’s also 2 Labradors in the house which require walks and attention … and 2 indoor cats but they just get on with it.

With all of this going on I did manage to get out running at times. Is it any wonder my bikes aren’t getting ridden!! 🙂

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I finished my last post with this…

The HM is over 2 months away so I’m feeling pretty confident after this. The only question is – do I enter the full marathon that’s running in December!?

No, I didn’t enter the full marathon in December. I have taken the plunge and entered one in May (which I’m led to believe is the hardest of the series in terms of length (30 miles) and ascent. Oh joy!

The HM mentioned was the Hardmoors Goathland trail half marathon which was on November 7th. If the name Goathland sounds familiar to you but you can’t quite put your finger on why, it’s where the ITV drama ‘Heartbeat’ was filmed.

looking like a drown rat at the finish

Frankly there was no way I was going to stop during the run to take photographs. The weather that day was appalling. In typical Hardmoors style there was a shit-load of water, mud, rain, sleet and even hail.
Compulsory kit for the run was a waterproof (with taped seams) jacket so this was the first outing for my Montane Minimus smock. It was worth every penny that day.

We had to cross this river … The stepping stones are not usually submerged.


We finished in a time of 2hrs 27mins which was around where I’d hoped to be. Well inside the 5 hour time limit. 1123ft ascent so not as hilly as I expected from a Hardmoors event. Kudos to the runners doing the full marathon that day. 5+ hours on the moors that day would have been a real test. Hopefully the weather will be kinder in May for my first full marathon.

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