Garmin fail!

Roseberry Topping – Highcliffe – Captain Cooks Monument

(11.8 miles / 1863ft / 568m ascent)
Don’t get me wrong, there are worse things in life, but when you get back from one of the longest, hilliest runs you’ve done in a long time and you’re feeling quite pleased with yourself there’s nothing like an unsaved Garmin file to really piss you off.

I don’t know what went wrong. The watch appeared to be recording me. It was showing my time, distance, pace … when I got back to the car I pressed ‘stop’ and ‘save’. All was good (or so I thought). It was only when I got home I realised I hadn’t actually saved anything.

I swore.

I can only think that somehow I hadn’t got a GPS signal before i started it so it looked like it was tracking me but in reality it was just timing me.My fault entirely so I’ll put that down as a lesson learnt.

If you live in Middlesbrough or the surrounding areas you’ll know Roseberry Topping. You can’t really miss it.

It’s not the biggest hill @ 320m (1050ft) but it’s quite distinctive


We (that’s me and Dave) had agreed a 7.30am start. We were at the top by 7.50am.That explains why I look like this… and we still had 10 miles to run before dropping back down.


From Roseberry Topping we headed across the moor towards Guisbrough Forest to pick up the Cleveland Way. This brought us to Highcliffe where we were surprised to see a couple of lads sat on the grass in their best Saturday night shirt and shoes supping their way through 8 cans of Fosters lager. At 8.15am. That’s what you call a night out.

After a quick breather to enjoy the views and get a couple of photo’s we were back on our way, heading for Easby Moor and the 51ft high Captain Cooks Monument. Erected in memory of the celebrated circumnavigator who spent his childhood in the nearby village of Great Ayton.


That’s Dave approaching the monument. He’s the reason I know about the Hardmoors events. He’s the reason I’ve started taking this running lark a bit more serious and of course, he’s the reason I’ve entered the HM.

From the monument we dropped down to Gribdale Gate car park to face the last climb of the day which were the steps back up onto the moor.

My legs were complaining about the steps now. We ran (plodded!) back along the fire road towards Roseberry Topping. We both felt we’d done enough climbing for the day so instead of going back up the top section on Roseberry we skirted around and dropped down the lower half (avoiding the families and walkers who were now up and out) before returning to the cars.

Considering my previous runs have been around the 6 mile mark and relatively flat I was really pleased with this run. The HM is over 2 months away so I’m feeling pretty confident after this. The only question is – do I enter the full marathon that’s running in December!?

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