This brings me to this….

I’ve entered a half marathon. An off-road half marathon.

It’s part of a series of races that are run here in the North East (on the North Yorkshire Moors) under the ‘Hardmoors’ events Hardmoors trail series

The trail series give the option of 10k, half marathon or full marathon. They have occasional night runs through the year (of which I’ve done 2 and absolutely loved) and For the lunatics out there they also offer 30, 55, 60 and 110 mile events. I fear/hope that I’m one of those lunatics someday. Just not a 110 mile one.

Their definition of half marathon is around 15 miles with the full marathons finishing up around 28 miles …. and there are hills. Lots of hills … and More often than not – lots of rain and mud. This is the North after all.

Training is going well. The HM isn’t until early November so I’m Just fitting in what I can around family and work.

Fortunately there is a gym at work. It’s a bargain £4.33 a month straight out of my pay and it’s open ALL hours.

I use it at lunchtime. I only get 30 minutes but it’s enough to do some strength training or do some treadmill work.

I live 20 miles away and I start work at 7am so using it outside of work hours isn’t really practical for me. Wife, baby (soon to be babies), dogs ….free time is valuable!

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